Hahahaha chevy ford jokes

A boy in my class was trying to tell me that fords are better than Chevys. Then a girl behind me says,"When we bought Chevys, they always fired back on us." And I said,"It's backfired, and are you sure that your operating it correctly?

Ma- Ma My Mama says that Ford owners are ornery because they got all them car payments and got nothing to drive

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A jacked up truck to be exact!

"I'm the type of girl who would rather ride in a Chevy truck than a Ferrari.

Ha!  It's so true! :D  Sometimes I feel like a guy staring at a girl's butt, but I'm looking at his jacked up truck! lol

I need a sign that says this, so I can hold it up whenever I see a sexy truck.<< pretty much!

'85 Chevy K10 Silverado

Customized Truck Wheels are among the best accessories you may buy in regards to improving your ride. According to our warranty, the brakes wouldn’t be covered.

Chevy VS Ford

They just need to get over the fact that Chevy's will always be better!<<And Chevys need to get over the fact that land cruisers will always be better, they can pull rockets