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Chicago Tornado

A rare view of a tornado's footprint is revealed in this aerial photograph of Washington, Ill., the day after an EF-4 tornado tore through town. (Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune)

In fact, the tornado that hit Fairdale and Rochelle was the most powerful storm to hit the Chicago area since the deadly EF-5 Plainfield tornado in 1990. Description from I searched for this on

Lightning hits Sears Tower, Chicago. It will ALWAYS be the Sears Tower for me, no matter what anyone else would like to call it.

1967 tornado oak lawn il... Looks like Oak Lawn HS. It went east to Chicago and hit Melody Lane ... Our favorite typical 50's, 60's restaurant.

Look at that green sky! The green sky is caused by, i believe, hail filtering the sun's light in the clouds and scattering the green wavelengths to the eye. Could be wrong though.

Former Chicago weatherman Harry Volkman was an American meteorologist. He was the first weatherman to issue a tornado warning. Born: April 18, 1926 (age 89), Medford, MA Died: August 20, 2015 Education: University of Tulsa