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After harvesting, move the chickens to the other yard to take care of the plant remnants, adding sticks and other mulch for the chickens to tear up helping add even more organic matter to the soil.


Tilly's Nest: Chicken Coop Tour with Edible landscaping: On the trellis, I have planted three raspberry bushes and nasturtium. In the gardens, are swiss chard, celery, lavender, cilantro, marjoram, rosemary, cilantro, borage, cabbage, ornamental grasses, dill, coneflowers, hostas, black eyed susan, sunflowers to name a few. All of these are safe around your flock.

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Tour This Adorable Chicken Coop

The chicken run is covered with a cedar shingled roof that helps keep predators out and protect the chickens from the Cape Cod elements. Pro tip: Predator proof your coop using hardware cloth. Avoid chicken wire, too: It's meant to keep chickens in, but will not hold up to predator attacks. -

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15+ Tips to Control Rodents Around Chicken Coops

Rodents can be eliminated from the chicken coop and run with a variety of techniques that are safe for use around chickens.