I like this idea for a tall deer-proof fence that doesn't obscure sight lines. Brava!

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Movable fencing. We have this fence for our chickens and it is durable and easy to reconfigure when you need to! We are very happy with it!!

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share a yard with your pets? Here's a solution to keep the visual field deep yet separate your pets from the veggies.

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nice chicken coop- all wire enclosed to be predator proof. Wire roof to keep the hawks out. Wire underground all around to keep "diggers" from going under. Also, provide a solid roof on part of the shelter for sun, rain, & winter snow protection

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Dig the chicken fence a foot down and out to prevent digging by predators. I did this for my chicken coop and the chickens have been safe and secure since May 2015.

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Nice idea for a door for the coop, except use 1/2" hardware cloth instead of the 2x4 fencing.

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DIY Chicken Coop Corner - also useful for raised bed animal protection

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