Grilled Chicken Under a Brick with Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary from Serious Eats.

It isn't easy to cook chicken so that its skin is crisp and its interior juicy Grilling, roasting and sauteing all have their problems But there is an effective and easy method for getting it right, using two ovenproof skillets

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Chicken "Under a Brick" | It may sound and look fancy, but the technique in this recipe guarantees you a golden, crispy chicken every time. Forget searing an unwieldy whole bird in a giant pot on the stove. Instead, butterfly your chicken (remove the backbone and open it like a book), place it breast-side down in a cast-iron skillet, and then weigh it down with another skillet. The second skillet makes sure the skin comes in maximum contact with the cast iron. After being quickly seared on…

Chicken Under a Brick by bonappetit:Also known as butterflying, spatchcock technique exposes lots of skin directly to the heat, guaranteeing thorough browning and crisping–coaxed futher by pressing with bricks. #Chicken #Spatchcock

NYT Cooking: An easy, superfragrant weeknight version of classic chicken under a brick, this recipe uses chicken thighs instead of a butterflied whole bird. Lavish quantities of lemon, garlic and fresh herbs season the flesh, and the skin gets shatteringly crisp and salty. This recipe makes great use of a cast-iron skillet (or two) and is a great dish to cook when seasoning a new pan...

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