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from Cupshe

Take Me Out Letter Casual Sweatshirt

Try it-$18.99 with free shipping&easy return! Babe! Take a rest and melt away with this "I'm like 104% tired" piece! It gonna be your fave for everyday casual look! Get it at

from My Food Story

Creamy Bacon Rosemary Mushroom Chicken Thighs

These one pan creamy bacon rosemary mushroom chicken thighs are simmered in a lightened up alfredo like bacon sauce and are going to be your favorite weeknight comfort food. Serve it with pasta, or if you are looking for a low carb version, just add some steamed broccoli on the side. via @my_foodstory


Aza Williams is a Witch. She lives for her Magic. And doesn't really care if it freaks out some non-magical boring mortal. The magic that runs through her veins is almost constantly visible. Whether her eyes are glowing, her hair is sparking or flames are dancing around her feet. She can't help it. But normally she can cover it with a mirage. She hates doing it though. So don't expect it. She's rough around the edges. She doesn't go out of her way to be mean or nice. She just is... Aza.


#rowaelin This chick on insta tried to fite me when I commented on a post saying it was so #rowaelin and she's like nah #chaolina or whatever and I was like PUHLEEAAASSEEE THE SHIP BASICALLY CANON YOUR SHIP STOPPED BEING CANON AS SOON AS AELIN MET ROWAN PLLLLSSSSSS


“I used to think that if I was successful, I would be able to go into all of these rooms and it would be amazing and that I would be one of them. But I’m not, I’m still me, still an idiot and I still get nervous about stuff." - Matty Healy


Dixie Chicks #iHeartRadio - Listen to the Dixie Chicks here: #DixieChicks #music


I bet he gives the best hugs and you think about some of the bad times and then just hug him and be like, "its okay Patrick's here"... WOW I just made myself slightly cry by just imagining this


Country boy in basketball shorts and a mullet who only listens to country and/or rap be like: wanna hang sometime? Me be like: *shakes head* naw...that's ok.