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Child Resource Packet for everything! Growth and development, Teacher/Parent resource include in newsletter some links... menus, Don't RECREATE the wheel!!!


Open Your Own Daycare As a day care owner you will have a rewarding, challenging career where you'll see the results of your caring and creative efforts every day. You'll be rewarded by the joy of children's laughter, and by watching them grow into


Parenting Someone Else's Child: The Foster Parents' How-To Manual: Anne Stressman Ann Stressman wrote this book after hearing Ruby Payne speak about the hidden rules of economic class, combining that perspective into her two decades of personal experience with foster care agencies and the special children needing care. The result is a "nothing can surprise me" compilation of very helpful and enlightening approaches for hundreds of the parenting situations that arise. #Parenting


However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle. There are two main types of adoptions: Domestic (adopting a child in the U.S.) and International Adoption (adopting a child from another country). There are Private Adoptions (facilitated through an attorney or adoption agency) or adoption through the State (Foster Care System). There are Open Adoptions, Closed … … Continue reading →


"Family Library" Idea: Families Can Borrow a Book in a Bag to Read With Their Child at Home (from Puzzles Day Care: