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Child Humor

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Child Proofing

Is your home child-proofed?  Did you make lots of changes before your child was born or did you do it on an as needed basis?  Safety is not a big issue until baby becomes mobile.  Then it is a big …

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These Parenting Memes Are Absolutely PERFECT

Parenting is the hardest gig in the world, which is why you need a sense of humor to keep from going insane. If you're currently in the middle of trying to find the one tiny toy among the 3,253 other toys that you child wants to play with and need a laugh, have no fear...there's a meme for that. 46 of them, in fact, because we've found the most hilarious memes and quotes from the funniest parents on the web!


I frequently dance around the apartment, usually while putting away the dried washing up, usually singing songs, changing all the words, to something daft or rude, and sometimes dancing with the wee mad jealous dog.

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The 10 funniest things on the internet in January

Parenting is a delicate balance of convincing your child they can do anything in life while simultaneously screaming "Don't do that!" every three minutes! So true!!