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Add to that school health care and lunch provided everyday, which covers about a third of the daily nutritional need. #Finland #child #poverty. Finland treats minors like people who deserve to be given a fair chance at life, imagine that.


Poverty begins in childhood when babies are born to poor, malnourished mothers. Because they are born into families that are poor, these children enter into a cycle of poverty that can be difficult to break. But, there is hope. Plan gives children, families and communities the tools they need – like education, healthcare, and access to water and sanitation – to break this cycle and build solutions for improving their own lives.

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Why Holistic Child Development

Holistic Child Development // Poverty is a major underlying cause behind human trafficking because it leaves people vulnerable to exploitation. This is how Compassion International is fighting for freedom.

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Child poverty in the U.S. is among the worst in the developed world

The Most Powerful Weapon In The World Is The One 775 Million People Don’t Know How To Use
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The Most Powerful Weapon In The World Is The One 775 Million People Don’t Know How To Use

This year UNESCO focuses on the fundamental role of literacy in enabling peace and democracy. This page contains links to data, info graphics and reports analysing progress on global adult and youth literacy rates.


My Taxdollars should be spent on those that need Help...NOT Giving or Subsidizing Rich+Corporate Tax Dodging Moochers w/my Tax dollars!!


This infograph shows that approximately 1 in 10 children live in poverty in Australia. There are a number of organisations in Australia that assist children living in poverty including The Smith Family, St Vincent De Paul and Centrelink (government support). I think school breakfast/fruit/meal programs are highly beneficial to children within Australia who are living in poverty as it ensures they are guaranteed at least one nutritious meal a day and can encourage children to attend school.