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This survey is about times you have had contact with the Child Support Agency and some form of misconduct or a possible criminal offence has been committed by the Child Support Agency Employee you dealt with and how that was handled by the Child Support Agency. If the thing that happened to you is not included with the questions asked please feel free to use the text box at the end of the survey to explain what happened to you.

Deadbeat: Deadbeat parent is a term referring to parents of either gender that have chosen not to be financially supportive of their children. Primarily used in the United States and Canada, the gender-specific deadbeat dad and deadbeat mom are commonly used by child support agencies to refer to men and women who have fathered or mothered a child and willingly fail to pay child support ordered by a family law court or statutory agency such as the Child Support Agency.


***THIS IS A MUST READ*** Punishment for a first offense for failure to pay child support is a fine, up to 6 months in prison, or both. In the case of a second or subsequent offense or a case when the obligation has been unpaid for longer than 2 years or is more than $10,000, the punishment increases to a fine of up to $250,000, 2 years in prison, or both. Noncustodial parents convicted of these offenses must also pay restitution and/or settlements of the child support amount owed.

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