You can't ever take too many photos when it comes to the delivery room! Whether you hire a photographer or have your own camera, hand it off to someone. Let them take photos, let them be a part of the experience. After, you can re-live the moments that mo

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This shows a woman can birth in many different positions - 9 Raw, Stunning Childbirth Photos

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When I saw this photo of a mom saying goodbye to an older child before giving birth, everything around me stopped. And I stared. Portland, Oregon-based birth photographer Laura Paulescu’s emotional image took me back to this moment in my own life. How I stood on the driveway of our home, about to leave for the hospital for my scheduled induction.

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While most birth photography focuses on natural childbirth, this stunning photo proves that C-section births are no less dramatic!

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Birth photography at its best: 11 stunning pics of half-born babies | BabyCenter Blog

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