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These children are starving, they live in a place with extreme poverty. Most of the time these young children in poverty struck areas are forced t work at young ages while still not being able to get food.

Children in Uganda | photography by

Volunteering in Uganda

A personal dream of mine is to go to Uganda on a mission trip and change children's life's

I have always wanted to go to Africa with a Christan Missionary to help children that starve, want education, and have health problems.


The joy of a child in Africa experiencing fresh well water for the first time.

It only took "water" a thing we see everyday. A thing We take for granted. A thing we need. It simply took water to make me happy. It only took water for me to smile

I like volunteering and helping kids who appreciate the help so well, i'd like to do this someday.

Wouldn't it be fun to volunteer in Africa ? Spend time volunteering in Africa, or take a mission trip anywhere that can use my help !

African children's library with rammed earth walls by BC Architects

Children's library in Africa with rammed earth walls by BC Architects and Studies

Library of Muyinga [Burundi] // BC architects & studies in cooperation with LUCA School of Arts, Sarolta Hüttl, Sebastiaan Debeir and Hanne Eckelmans

to me, this woman in the blue skirt represents true beauty. she doesn't fit the conventional beauty look of today, but she doesn't have to. She is beautiful because she has a heart for the children she volunteers for. and to me, that is so much more.

This woman in the blue skirt represents true beauty. She doesn't have a fake tan, the best fashion, or even the prettiest long blonde hair.

What an awesome idea!  I had not heard of this until I found out that our FCCLA group is going to be making some!

Little Dresses For Africa (Pillowcase Dresses) I am in a Club that has this as a project now:)

Small glimpse into all of the  obstacles  women from Africa have to overcome. Grateful for our refugee knitters who have been resettled in the US and now have a second chance at life:)

Infographic: CNN’s The Life of an African Child (informative … but slightly unbalanced)

2. C Job She volunteers in Africa to help children with their education and is also a doctor.

pro bono (Latin phrase/adj) Literal translation "For the public good" Done or donated without charge; free Origin: < Latin prō bonō for (the) good, rightly, morally