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Especially famous is the wall built between 220-206,by the first emperor of China Qin Shi Huang.Little of that remains.The great was has been rebuilt, maintained,and enhanced. The majority of the existing wall was built during the Ming Dynasty,


The first Poster Monday spot of the day belongs to Zhang Tong from China for his poster entitled “Na Zha”. Zhang Tong is a Master of Fine Arts of the Capital Normal University and a friend of Ico-D. He is a visiting professor at Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture, Research Fellow at the Shandong University of Art & Design and Anhui Polytechnic University.


Gallery of Value Farm / Thomas Chung - 2

Value Farm, China, 2013 | By Thomas Chung The project intersects issues of urban transformation, architecture and urban agriculture with an international cultural event, and explores the possibilities of urban farming in the city and how that can integrate with community-building. It forms part of the Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture 2013, within Ole Bouman’s Value Factory located at the Shekou Former Guangdong Glass Factory in Shenzhen.


If we don't support our local farmers, our food will need to be Imported from other countries such as China. I don't know about you but I fear this!