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China Gay Video

Taboo-busting gay app a business success Ask any gay man in urban China what social media platforms he most frequently uses and there is a fair chance he will be among the 27 million users of Blued, a startup application launched by an entrepreneur with 16 years’ experience negotiating the challenges of running LGBT websites in the country.


GAY CHINA ALL DIED IN HELL!HA!HA!HA! In China homosexuality is slowly becoming more accepted. Correspondent Mia visited gay club Destination, the most trendy gay nightclub in Beijing at the moment.

VIDEO: NFL Player Tweets He Wants Gay Players to Stay in Closet -

Eng Sub Addicted (Heroin) Ep.11 : Full HD Chinese BL Web Series《上瘾》第十一集…

Disturbing Video Shows China’s ‘Gay Shock Therapy’ -

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Gay China

Video: Activists, artists and club owners share their perspective on gay culture in China.

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Jon Huntsman Trashes GOP, Expresses Campaign Regrets

Huntsman Trashes GOP