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Chincherinchee Flower Photos

Ornithogalum conicum The chincherinchee has been growing in English gardens for over 300 years. Originally from South Africa, this plant produces lovely white flowers in midsummer, growing to a height of 35 – 60cm. Also a good long lasting cut flower. Prefers a sunny spot and moist well drained soil. The bulbs of mature plants can be left in the ground over winter in warmer parts of the UK. Otherwise lift the bulbs in autumn after flowering and replant in spring.


December winter wonderland bridal bouquet using hellebores, broom, chincherinchee flowers and icy crystals on a twiggy wire frame. Wedding flowers by


Afrikantähdikki, Afrikanlilja, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, Chincherinchee, Wonder Flower, what ever you call it - it's lovely! Photo by Jenni Rotonen