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Homemade Duck Sauce

If you love duck sauce, you've got to try this all-natural, homemade version. It's so simple and tasty, you may just decide to never go back to the old way!


Homemade Peking Duck Recipe with Crispy Crackling Skin, Served with Homemade Soft Chinese Pancake

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Cantonese Roast Duck -4 ½lb oven-ready duckling -2tsp salt -4tbsp maltose or honey -1tbsp rice vinegar -½tsp red food coloring (opt) -About ½ pint warm water ~Stuffing: 1tbsp oil -1tbsp finely chopped spring onion -1tsp finely chopped fresh ginger root -1tbsp caster sugar -2tbsp Chinese rice wine (or dry sherry) -1tbsp yellow bean sauce -1tbsp hoisin sauce -2tsp five-spice powder


Chinese Steamed Buns

Chinese Steamed Buns Recipe - step by step instructions, plus secret tips to white, fluffy, perfectly steamed buns that don't collapse. ~


Classic Cantonese Roast Duck in Your Home Kitchen

Cantonese Roast Duck -- This is the duck with shining reddish-brown skin seen hanging in windows of a good Cantonese restaurant. Serves 10 - 12 as a starter, or 4 to 6 as a main course. ( total preparation time does not include time needed to dry the duck before cooking).


Easy Peking Duck (Really)

HOME COOK'S PEKING DUCK & MANDARIN PANCAKES ~~~ peking duck aka beijing duck is brought to the home cook sans the long process most of us prefer to leave to the professionals. [China, Beijing] [thewoksoflife]


Teochew Braised Duck or Lor Ark (潮州卤鸭)

Chinese Style Braised Duck or Lor Ark (潮州卤鸭)usually served in Chazhou Restaurant