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Chinese Food Open Late

Ivory four-tiered food carrying case in openwork relief, second half of 18th century to early 19th century.


Man Fook Low 198- Was the best chinese food in L.A. and open late. A little dive downtown.


Thai Scallop Saute

Thai Scallop Saute Recipe -Just open a bottle of Thai peanut sauce to give this seafood stir-fry some serious authenticity. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen


The National Trust opens more doors

The State Bedroom at Penrhyn castle is covered with late-18th century hand-painted Chinese wallpaper. UK.


In a city that is less than 49 square miles, there is surprisingly plenty to do. Unsurprisingly, it was hard to whittle this list down to 50 things. In anticipation of Super Bowl 50, which is taking place down the road on Feb. 7, 2016, we created the ultimate super to-do list. The next time you’re in San Francisco, check these things off your list.


Bo Bia (Vietnam). 'Rice paper wrapped around a mixture of red Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, jicama, pickled carrot and radish, peanuts, lettuce, noodles and basil, bo bia is usually served with tuong, a tart, mildly spicy beanpaste sauce. Stalls selling boa bia tend to appear on Saigon streets in the late afternoon.'


Chef Chin. This place is currently vying for my #1 in my local neighborhood Chinese food pick. Since changing ownership and chefs, this place has pretty good Taiwanese breakfast on the weekend. The only problem is that it isn't cheap and good. It isn't super pricey either though. They do have hot pot now and are open late on the weekends. Plus for orders be 3 and 6 pm are happy hour, so your 2nd entree is 1/2 off. Now that's pretty good pricing.

Montreal's McGimpsey shares how to act and eat like a local

Best Late Night Grub A Chinese restaurant called La Maison V.I.P. in Chinatown, off of Clark and LaGauchetiere. Classic Cantonese food, good chow mein, BBQ duck -- always open late.


Panda Express Is Taking Its Orange Chicken to Japan

Panda Express Is Taking Its Orange Chicken to Japan Chinese-American fast food goes abroad A Chinese fast-food chain with Southern California roots is headed for Japan. American shopping mall food court staple Panda Express will open one of several planned Japanese locations in late November or early December in the city of Kawasaki, about 15 miles south of Tokyo. Panda Express launched in Glendale, California in 1983 and has since expanded to nearly 2,000 locations; it r