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Here's the second article in our simple guide to Chinese sentences. Find out when and how to use different Chinese sentence types.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Basic Chinese Sentence Pattern and Question words Chart

Explained in bright colored chart with frequently used word examples (Chinese, Pinyin and English meaning).

Addison found the direct grammar instruction that clearly taught Chinese sentence structure to be very helpful. She learned that Chinese sentences follow a specific pattern of subject, time, place, verb, and object. She's now confident that she can piece together the vocabulary she knows to form a coherent Chinese sentence. @MiddInteractive #homeschool #hsreviews #Chinese


Mandarin Chinese-Lesson117--Chinese sentence structureHi, my dear friends. I just update my Chinese language Learning program. Please check the new lesson! This lesson is about Chinese sentence structure. Please find the text at:


Making Sense Of 被 Sentences In Chinese - The 被 sentence is one of the most important and unique sentence patterns in Chinese language; it is regarded as one of the most complicated grammar structures by many Mandarin learners. #article #chinese