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Chinese Radical Scroll

Chinese radicals very clear chart: Introducing the new Chinese Radicals Scroll : Mandarin Poster $15

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Foreign Relationship Words That Should Have English Counterparts

How the currents carried them home... and the waves roared wild... xo


“Monkey business” means “silly or dishonest behaviour”. Example: Our teacher warned us not to try any monkey business while she was out of the room.


The so-called "Chinese Knot" used to fill large areas, sometimes called the forbidden stitch along with a variety of other knots


Biáng, the most complicated / difficult Chinese character. It's a local Shangxi noodle. Made up of 58 strokes, the Chinese character for "biáng" is one of the most complex Chinese characters in contemporary usage, although the character is not found in modern dictionaries or even in the Kangxi dictionary. Due to its complexity, the Chinese character cannot be entered into computers.


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