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Chip Butty Recipes

grilled cheese chip butty.. also known as grilled cheese with french fries inside! all the good things in life, all together.

from Lea & Jay

Chip Butty on Waterford Blaa

"Chip butty on Waterford Blaa." a.k.a. chips on bread sandwhich...sometimes it pays to be Irish, if not just for the quicky potato eats.

from TeaTimeRecipes

How to Make a Great Chip Butty

How to make a British chip butty


neat pub food from england--or a take on a chip teenager son will love this!....not diet friendly i'm thinkin! LOL

from BuzzFeed

Around The World In 29 Sandwiches

Chip Butty - a traditional English drunkard food. It's a french fry sandwhich on buttered, soft roll or bread. | Around The World In 29 Sandwiches