I'm Chloe-grace im single i love to paint and cuddles *i giggle a little* i have one older brother name klaus come say hey

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She's only 15...just imagine what she'll look like 5 years from now. Beautiful and talented Chloe Moretz

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Conheca os mais lindos #cortesfemininos em http://salaovirtual.org/cortes-femininos/ #salaovirtual

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I'm Chloe grace I'm single and my older brother is Andy we'll if I get in trouble but my mother come say hi

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Hey, I'm Gwen Alex Parker, but I prefer to be called Alex. I'm the daughter of Spider-Man. I'm 18, and I'd like to call myself pretty outgoing. I have the same powers as my dad: danger sense, wall climbing, etc., etc. I also like to take pictures.

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Hi , I am chloe. I have two older brothers and I love reading and skateboarding. I am taking honors english. Introduce?

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