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Dark Chocolate and Orange Tart with Toasted Almonds

Reminiscent of fragrant Mexican chocolate (which is spiced with cinnamon), and as fudgy as a chocolate truffle, this dessert will serve many more than six, but leftovers will keep for at least a week in the refrigerator.

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Chocolate and orange custard tart with caramel

Chocolate-and-orange-custard-tart-with-caramel - When I made it without the caramel I multiplied by 3 the amount of sugar in the custard. And I think it needs to bake at a higher temp, the middle didn't set at all in the 30 minutes. I think maybe 40 minutes at 360 instead of 320. And this is a lot of tart, so I only used 2/3 of everything to make a smaller tart.

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Chocolate orange tart

Chocolate Orange Tart | Mary Berry - so delicious and pretty! It was easier than I expected it to be.

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This combination of ricotta, orange and chocolate is a classically Mediterranean one — you might have tried this filling in cannoli, a Sicilian dessert made of a fine, crunchy tube of pastry, filled with ricotta and various flavour combinations.

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Triple-Citrus Tart with Chocolate Crust and Berries

Triple-citrus tart with chocolate crust and berries. This elegant tart is made with a dark chocolate wafer crust and filled with blood orange, lemon, and lime curd.

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