These Chocolate Dessert Bowls are made by dipping balloons in chocolate! The recipe is easy to follow and chocolate bowls can be filled with fresh fruit.

DIY Balloon Chocolate Bowls – Kids will love them and you have no washing up lol everyone's a winner :-)

How to Make Edible Chocolate Bowls with Balloons! by spprinklebakes #Chocolate_Bowls #Balloons #sprinklebakes

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Cupcake liners made out of candy! You can have your cake and eat it too with these edible chocolate cupcake wrappers. Chocolate bowls are a great way to present cupcakes, candies, pudding, ice cream, and fruit! The post includes a step-by-step photo tutorial.

How to make chocolate bowls without the balloon. (safer from chemicals on balloons)" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Chocolate Bowls, Strawberry & Berries, the thing that lets u know anything is edible if you just believe

DIY chocolate cups...Im doing this for Easter. Filling with ornamental grass and then jelly beans

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A semi-sweet, heart-shaped chocolate bowl filled with a creamy vanilla bean cheesecake mousse topped with a sweet berry compote. An easy-to-make, impressive dessert to share with the ones you love this Valentine’s Day.

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Balloons can be very useful besides being fun. Check out these creative, easy DIY crafts you can do using balloons!!

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Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs - perfect for a Super Bowl Party and College Championship party!

Make your own Lacy Chocolate Dessert Bowls. So elegant! And looks pretty easy.

These look soooo good. Balloon chocolate bowls

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People say chocolate is a girl's best friend. The whole thing is edible! How great is that? Now it seems so fun and easy to make a chocolate basket; a do-it-yourself that suits any occasion!

The Best and The Easiest Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes - One bowl, no mixer, so easy! The warm, gooey, fudgy chocolate center is heavenly! Better than any restaurant versions! Best chocolate cake EVER!!

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Balloon Chocolate Bowls. Made these for bunco a few years ago and they were a huge hit! #Dessert

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Strawberry chocolate bowls/shot glasses