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Chocolate colored

a 'chocolate' egg laid by a Maran chicken... Hmmmm, I'm gonna find some pullets.... gotta have some!

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Chocolate colored horse in the snow with a gorgeous colored mane.

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This unicorn hot chocolate recipe is all your childhood dreams in hot chocolate form. It is so fun, you can't help but smile when drinking it! Perfect for PARTIES!

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Mini Schnauzer this one looks exactly like my soon to be furbaby's momma- and my furbaby is liver colored too! Yay! :)))

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Chocolate Lace Flower. This large flowered burgundy-chocolate colored Queen Anne’s Lace has been an absolute hit from day one. It looks great en masse, pairs well with almost anything and blooms for most of the summer from just one planting. The lacy umbels come in a range of sizes and shades, adding a dramatic, airy quality to finished arrangements. Seed available from Floret. #growfloret

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The Black Copper Marans is one of the rarest breeds of chicken in the United States. Lays dark to very dark eggs. The eggs are used by many world renowned chefs. French Black Copper Marans were developed in France and are famous for their chocolate brown eggs.

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liver colored miniature schnauzer. The husband and I are in love with schnauzers and our schnoodle. He prefers this color and I have to say they are different

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