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14 Health Benefits of Singing

Here are 14 health benefits of singing. These are great reasons to take time out of every day to sing a little song or dance a little jig. #Fitness Matters

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Arranging Music for A Cappella

Arranging music: Tips from and a cappella arranger; This guide should get you started arranging music for your a cappella choir. ♫ CLICK to preview or RE-PIN for later! ♫

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5 Tips on how to sing higher notes! Great advice... When it comes to improving your singing, do your research, read, follow and practice constantly to improve.

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vocal exercise...we did this years ago in college, and I use it with my middle school group now.

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10 Secrets for Running a Successful Choir Rehearsal

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better” (Jim Rohn). // 10 secrets for running a successful choir rehearsal (by @ashleydanyew)

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Finished Music Infographic

Finally! The Taxonomy of my Music is complete! While Im working on my Digital Art assignments I enjoy watching my favorite TV shows. I bring this up to help you get a sense for how long it t

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"The most unrealistic thing about Harry Potter is that no one asked to try his glasses and make jokes about how blind he is."

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Voice Teachers: Free Download - Vocal Warm Ups for Kids - Tongue Twisters.

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St Paul's Choir, London, England

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