Payday Punch Card - Self managed chore system for kids! I've never had to do chores so IDK if I'm going to do this, but I just thought it was a cute idea.

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Always on the lookout for the better chore system. I know these things about chore systems: If they aren't simple, they won't work. It doesn't matter how cute or how much money you've spent on the chore chart, if it doesn't work for your just won't work. AND, because kids change and lives change, chore systems must change or they quit working.

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Chore System - step-by-step chore cards with detailed instructions for each task. - Tips: -Be Specific -Keep It Simple -Define Expectations -Color Code (similar chores, areas of the home, or appropriate ages)

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Tired of fighting with your kids over chores? Check out this simple DIY chore system for kids that works so well, they may even beg you for more things to do! No fancy stuff or DIY-talent required, “Chore Sticks” is easy peasy to set up. Plus get your free printable chart here too!

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Are you confused as how to get your kids started with chores? Do you pay them or not? What is the best way to teach kids responsibility at home? We're excited to share a chore system for young kids that works for our family!

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