"I stitch pictures about things that have happened in my life - they usually show me and my family and my pets. They're a sort of diary of memories, usually sad ones as I tend to stitch to make myself better after something awful has happened. . . My pieces are very domestic, they are about our home, and life in our home: they are our wallpaper. I like to think I am making things like women in the past making quilts - memories held in fragments of cloth and stitch." The work of Primmy…

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Jessie Chorley and Budug - the shop. Photo for inspiration only. These are embroidered fabric, but I'm thinking you could thread-crochet the rectangles.

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A Jessie Chorley piece. (I'll be attempting paper houses this coming season :: Hope they even come *close* to being this successful ... this is wonderful! k)

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Interesting assortment of materials here. Wearable Objects - Jessie Chorley. Heart shaped multi media pin.

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