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Lithuanian Chow-Chow Recipe For Your Autumn Harvest This chow-chow recipe makes delicious use of autumn’s harvest of cauliflower, cabbage, celery, and peppers. Our Lithuanian recipe is dressed with a fragrant blend of vinegar, sugar, prepared mustard, and spices that gives it robust flavor and vivid color.

Ginger Bean Chow-Chow

Recipe for Ginger Bean Chow-Chow - Chow-chow recipes vary regionally, but chow chow is generally a tangy, sweet and spicy relish made with coarsely chopped vegetables served either as a condiment (on a hot dog or sandwich, for instance) or drained and served as a vegetable side.

My Mee-maw used to make this--she lived in Lufkin. This may be spicier than hers: Cajun Chow Chow Relish Recipe


Cajun Chow Chow Relish Recipe

Cajun Chow Chow Relish This recipe is smaller quantity, and doesn't have to be canned or processed in jars