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Chris Matthews covers up 4 Obamaremember when mocked Romney over comments on Russia? watch …

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"I am so proud of the country, to re-elect this President... I'm so glad we had that storm [Hurricane Sandy] last week, because I think the storm was one of those things — no, politically I should say, not in terms of hurting people — the storm brought in possibilities for good politics." - Chris Matthews

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Liberal Insanity from Chris Matthews.. Still an idiot and still moves his mouth to try and say "smart" stuff!

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Chris Matthews

Bill Ayers Mugshot..Bill Ayers..OBAMA`S BUDDY USED THESE SAME TYPE of bombs with his "WEATHER UNDERGROUND ORGANIZATION" in the 1970`s

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Like I said with Obama the other day, this dude is the natty defender of the free world!

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