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Chris O'hare Great Britain

Three Hares window - Castle Inn, Lydford - Chris Chapman. There is an excellent website on the Three Hares Project which depicts many of the three hares symbols on church bosses:


Beagle - We had Sam as kids and I used to love to hear him when he'd treed something. You really have to love baying to have a Beagle, and tolerant neighbors!


Veteran photographer Chris Killip tells Port magazine how his shortlisted chronicle of “Britain’s de-industrial revolution” still resonates down the years. Words: Alex Jackson Photography: Boo and his rabbit, Lynemouth, 1983 Archival pigment print © Chris Killip Courtesy of Eric Franck Fine Art, London.


More barristers' chambers, this time in Hare Court, Inner Temple. [photo licensed under creative commons by Chris]


ANDRASTE was the goddess whom Boudicca invoked for victory before her onslaught of the servicemen’s fort of Camulodūnom. In so invoking, Boudicca loosed a hare. He name has been analysed as *an-dras-t-ī- (un-conquer-ed-she) ‘the invincible’.