I love this picture of the Savior from Peter's perspective. Often times we lose our faith in Christ and begin to sink in desperation. We must never ever forget that we have never sunken too far from our Savior's grasp of redeeming love. He is always reaching for us even when we aren't reaching for Him. Painting: "Save Me - the Hand of God" by Yongsung Kim

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The Third Sorrowful Mystery: the Crowning with Thornes. Passion of the Christ Pictures, Jesus Pictures something to reflecton this holy week before easter

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Passion of the Christ Pictures, Jesus Pictures He really did look this bad before he was crucified according to medical accounts of the time about flogging and he got the maximum. The Bible tells us that he was beaten before that and the crown of long strong thorns was pressed into his head. There are also medical accounts of crucifixion. It was horrific and gruesome ! He went thru it for us.

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