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probably w/o the fish "During the reign of Emperor Nero in Rome a persecution had broken out against the Christians living in that city. It caused them to flee to the catacombs to meet in secret and to use code words for things of a Christian nature. This was a secret symbol Christian's used to identify each other then. The letters "I", "X", "O", "Y", and "E" are actually an abbreviation in Greek letters standing for Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. "


The Horn - This Christian symbol represents God's power. It also has the meanings... dominion, defense, power, triumph, strength, fierceness, intelligence, dignity, prosperity, & glory.


Christian homes in Iraq have been marked with the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet “nuhn”, which is the abbreviation for “Nasara” - the Koranic Arabic word for Christian. It is derived from Nazareth, which is the town where the Lord Jesus lived, and the Arabic name for Nazareth is نَّاصِرَة “Nāsirah”. "...and he (Jesus) went and lived in a town called Nazareth.ISIS is leaving this symbol on the bodies of the Iraqi Christians they murder.