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Raspberry Bow Tie Cookies are a festive cookie to add to your holiday cookie tray. Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season has begun! I spent the day after Thanksgiving relaxing and baking. I just can’t get out to the stores to fight the crowds. No sale is worth that amount of craziness for me. …


Melting Moments

Delicious and utterly soft cookies these Melting Moments literally melt in your mouth with each and every bite. Is it entirely too early to be starting on Christmas posts? I’m totally not sorry though. I think once Halloween is over and done with that Thanksgiving and Christmas is a free[Read more]


Kourambiedes (A Greek Christmas Cookie)

Kourambiedes (A Greek Christmas Cookie) from Basically a Greek butterball cookie recipe. These, with Melomakarona, are found in every Greek home during the Christmas Holidays. I go through phases. One year, or for a couple of years, these are my favourites, then Melomakarona are, and I keep switching back and forth. They're both wonderful! These keep wonderfully, long after Christmas is over, if any are left.


I almost forget it…!! Though Christmas is over haha


50 Winter Decorating Ideas

Christmas is over! How do you transition to cozy winter decor that won't make you feel blue? Here's a collection of winter decorating ideas to make your home feel warm and inviting post-holiday.


How to Make Placemats Using Christmas Cards

How to Make Placemats Using Christmas Cards-I love to find crafts you can make that you can actually use! I made these Christmas Card Placemats a few years back and they are still holding up well!! I love the beauty of Christmas cards and hate throwing them away once Christmas is over! This is a wonderful way to use the covers to make something beautiful! These would make great gifts and would be great things to make with your children