Did you know that stretching your hip muscles can help your back? The pelvis is a key structure when it comes to back health, partly because it is fixed to the lower spine. Not only that, but hip muscles attach onto the pelvis. Chronically tight hip muscles have the power to pull the pelvis out of alignment, and indirectly affect spinal positioning as they do.

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Eliza Landgren, 23, started teaching herself yoga at her Sunshine Coast home in Queensland two years ago to help with chronic lower back pain

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Low back pain is the leading cause of disability. Manage or prevent lower back pain with these four exercises. Add them to your next workout!

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Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain with Lumbar Extension a... : Spine

Cayenne salves bring powerful relief for any painful area, however this one was formulated specifically for my chronic lower back pain. Both cayenne and menthol bring energy and circulation and help tight muscles relax. The menthol works immediatly to cool pain, the warming cayenne works long term as well to block pain signals, with increasing results the longer you use it.

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Gentle Yoga for Healthy Knees and Hips DVD addresses one of the most common back complaints - sciatic pain. Try these 2 gentle yoga versions of "Pigeon Pose" to stretch the piriformis muscle. Great to do each day to alleviate tightening of the lower back and relieve tension from hip to foot. For more info, visit http://www.YogaJP.com

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The Best Exercises for a Bad Back. Because minor pain shouldn’t stop you from getting toned. If you've got a bad back or chronic back pain here are some safe options to consider.

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I struggle with back pain and I know my core is partly to blame but excercising hurts worse so I am willing to give these Ab Exercises for Back Pain Suffers from livestrong.com a try.

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