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Chronic sleep

Dealing with chronic pain is not fun, but some of us have to put up with it. How your sleep can affect your neck, shoulder, back, and other areas dealing with pain. This infographic from She Knows covers best and worst sleeping positions for chronic pain:

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chronic pain. Unfortunately bed time is when I seem to be most awake. And yeah, I've tried all the insomnia suggestions. I dunno, it's like everything is finally loosening up right when I need to sleep, and I have to start all over again in the morning.


28 People With Chronic Illness Explain What ‘Brain Fog’ Feels Like to Them

For me it's like rising extra early, working a full day till very late, driving home an hour in traffic, taking a sleeping pill, then, after all that, being expected to stay awake and focused and not think everything is too much effort...