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Pokemon: Sunkern/Sunflora. Type: Grass. Used in: HeartGold (evolves into Sunflora with a Sun Stone). How obtained: Captured National Park. Gender: Female. Ability: Chlorophyll. Nickname: Chrysanta (English shortened from Greek 'chrysanthemum', meaning "golden flower"). Starting level: 10.

Chrysanthe (I like the rest of the ones on this map too), female name, from 'chrysanthemum,' meaning "golden flower" in Greek

Chrysanthemum, derived from the Chinese 'Chu hua' meaning "October flower". Long considered a noble flower, the chrysanthemum signifies a life of ease. Red is for passion.


Learn about the hidden meaning of chrysanthemum flowers, including chrysanthemum symbolism in other cultures, from experts at HGTV Gardens.

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10+ Best Funeral Flowers

Across all cultures, white chrysanthemum means deep grief. Choose white chrysanthemums when your relationship with the deceased or bereaved person was, or is, especially close. #loveliveson

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November Birth Flower

November birth month flower and its meaning, chrysanthemum, from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.


Made up of a bouquet of chrysanthemums and given its petals a surprising texture, our Sonnet line is soft and supple and just perfect for so many of your future celebrations. Originally derived from Italian and meaning “little song,” this BBJ original will add that melodic harmony that you event desires. Silver Sonnet is our soft gray color, but certainly will be an amazing backdrop to your events. If you love Sonnet as we do, this is THE color that will partner with any color in your…