It has taken me a very long time to overcome my dislike for broth-based soups. As a chubby girl growing up in the Midwest, they always seemed like a cruel trick that my parents would play on me. Their thinness always seemed to signal a lack of food. Being older now and understanding the simplicity and beauty of a broth-based soup, however, I'm quite looking forward to cooking some up and snuggling down for the evening. Here are 20 recipes that are sure to become household favorites.

It’s a new day around the Harris household. Ever since I got sick of seeing that chubby girl who stalks me, staring back at me in th...

Ain't no #date like a #bacon date! I love him. He likes #chubby #girls... I swear.

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According to one of my friends, I am the cute one with chubby cheeks and messy hair that warmth emits from.

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Unisex Chubby Girls Cuddle Better Sweatshirt

Personally I think what this reflects is a parallel issue of their characters "guzzling pain." I swear the look they give each other says, "oh so you have problems too?"

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