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Grace Chabot/Gracy Ho/Bride of Chucky...For someone that has so much to lose, your not too smart. You had better keep her mouth shut. I have a very thick file on you. Many photos of you my dear. Your poor significant other (WILL) see it. It's just a matter of time!

from Club 31 Women

3 Ways to Let Your Man Know that He's the Real Hero

Does your husband know that he's a true hero? He might not know how you appreciate all that he does, so here are some great ways to tell him how much you do! 3 Ways to Let Your Man Know He's the Real Hero ~ Club31Women


The corpse bride. this is what happens when you are broken beyond belief. but you can make it back it is the hardest road. I've been through hell and back believe me it can be done. And after you've conquered that you will be unstoppable. I know I am. Thank you Lord for the Hardships. I am a soldier in training, a diamond in the making!