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Foursquarefrom Foursquare

Crystal River, FL

Lent Altar decor, design by my amazing mother, @purpleorchid57

Foursquarefrom Foursquare

Manchester United Methodist Church

Altar Table The fabric and the draping of it is just exquisite, don't you think?

Variation on a water display for baptisim, woman at the well, being washed with the word, etc.

Ash Wednesday - communion elements (wooden bowl, ceramic cup) on the left; ashes and oils for anointing in glass containers on the right; rocks and dried out palms from last year at the bottom of the altar.

Ash Weds/Lenten altar 2015. thanks for the inspiration

Pentecost Altar Design At White Plains United Methodist Church in Cary designed by Jenifer Swindell. Flames. Cross. Bible. Fire. Red. Orange. Yellow. Holy spirit.

The materials for the "pitcher" were only about $30 (hardboard, plywood, and 1"x4"s) and it takes about 8 hours of labor time to assemble, paint, and install it.

Could really signify the Lenten journey; adding stones each week to symbolize our own struggles and how stones can be transformed into roads

tulle as water. Very cool idea. You could go big with this, buckets flowing, skipping down into multiple buckets.