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What? The CIA agents used to use a method of communication based on how their shoe laces were tied.

“Shark Tooth” CIA Lock Picking Trick...http://homestead-and-survival.com/shark-tooth-cia-lock-picking-trick/

In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack. This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart andRead more…

CIA - Langley ... Basic access, nothing special ... thanks to Presidential Classroom group when I was in high school.

Learn spy and evasion techniques with these lessons that show you exactly HOW SPIES THINK | Ex-CIA Operative and Shark Tank Star reveals how... #survivallife | survivallife.com

The foundation of spying: A 'make-up compact concealment device,' from the undated CIA archives

How To Hot-wire A Car, Escape And Evasion Techniques, The Secret Of Picking Locks http://survival-life.good-info.co Bad News: Closing Down There is NO time left, either you are in the know, or in the dark. Earlier this week I was telling you about the “Spy Escape” guy from SharkTank. He is the first ex-CIA guy ever to defy his old bosses and reveal the CIA’s deepest darkest secret. He is officially closing his course to the public

Fun with the C.I.A.: During the Cold War, the CIA had a magician, John Mulholland, write a manual on "misdirection, concealment, and stagecraft". Though all the copies were thought to have disappeared in 1973, some have reappeared... and been published as 'The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception'.

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The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is hiring for a librarian. Pay is excellent and there's potential for 'forward deployment.'

Salt (2010) After she's accused of being a Russian spy, CIA agent Evelyn Salt goes on the run, using every tactic she knows to elude her pursuers and clear her name. A counterintelligence officer doesn't buy her story and will do anything to stop her. Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Daniel Olbrychski...18a

strangelanguage: “36 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be True 1.MK-ULTRA The CIA administered drugs to, and practiced mind control on Americans without their consent, with the goal to control...

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Proof the government lies to us to try and get the US involved in wars! Actual documents from the national archives prove Operation North Woods was a CIA run terror campaign to start a war with Cuba.

CIA Killer Makes Deathbed Confession: He Assassinated Marilyn Monroe CIA killed movie star because she posed risk to national security

Top Ex-CIA Agent Has Chilling Warning About Obama's Plans For Islamic State http://madworldnews.com/cia-agent-warning-obama/

Diagramas & Cia.: Tutorial: Sothis. Origami tutorial for a star with variations shown.

Special Agent Sherry Connelly C.I.A. (status unconfirmed) She was an agent provocateur, honey pot, and very proficient assassin. Fluent in seven different languages. Part of the CIA controversial fire and forget program, she spent four years embedded with the Serbian rebels.

Project MKUltra: CIA Mind Control Program. Conspiracy theory: the CIA ran secret mind control experiments on US citizens from the 1950s until 1973. It's so .......

The Color Code of Awareness: Developing a Combat Mindset....Used by soldiers and CIA agents alike, The Color Code of Awareness will help you see danger before it strikes and may just save your life.