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New World Order Conspiracy Theory | ... New World Order, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral

The foundation of spying: A 'make-up compact concealment device,' from the undated CIA archives

???????????..............New Report: Brennan’s ‘Black Ops’ In Libya Caused “Benghazigate”, Stevens Death. Brennan is fluent in Arabic. Would that have made a difference??? He is Also a CONVERT TO ISLAM ! DIDJA KNOW THAT ?

Project MKUltra: CIA Mind Control Program. Conspiracy theory: the CIA ran secret mind control experiments on US citizens from the 1950s until 1973. It's so .......

Operation Paperclip was a secret executive branch project in 1945 to emigrate over 1,600 nazi war criminals to the United States with absolute immunity and have them work on secret cold war and medical-experimental initiatives. Although top-ranking military generals opposed the operation, the cold war Presidents disagreed, permitting the nazis to live freely in the United States without reproach after completing their work.

Apparently back in the day, and who knows maybe this still happens, the CIA would bug certain shoes being sent through the mail.

Fun with the C.I.A.: During the Cold War, the CIA had a magician, John Mulholland, write a manual on "misdirection, concealment, and stagecraft". Though all the copies were thought to have disappeared in 1973, some have reappeared... and been published as 'The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception'.

CIA Lock Picking Field Operative Training Manual

Head of the CIA, Tenet wrote about how after being briefed by his counterterrorism team on July 10 -- two months prior to the attacks -- “I picked up the big white secure phone on the left side of my desk -- the one with a direct line to Condi Rice -- and told her that I needed to see her immediately to provide an update on the al-Qaida threat.” Tenet said he could not recall another time in his seven years as director of the CIA that he sought such an urgent meeting at the White House. Rice agreed to the meeting immediately, and 15 minutes later, he was in Rice’s office.

Hello, CIA | The 25 Funniest AutoCorrects Of 2013

Proof the government lies to us to try and get the US involved in wars! Actual documents from the national archives prove Operation North Woods was a CIA run terror campaign to start a war with Cuba.

Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers - worldobserveronli...

Smart-dust: Hitachi Develops Worlds Smallest RFID Chip. They measure only .15x x .15 mm each & have GPS capabilities. Called smart dust as they can be sprayed on us & absorbed or taken in foods, drinks, and injected.

Concealed Knives Blue CIA Agent Comb with Hidden Knife CKBL Knives For Sale and Swords 2013 - Oh snap!

"Did you know that John Brennan, nominee for CIA Director, is a Muslim convert who was turned to Islam by the Muslim Brotherhood?" www.barenakedisla...

THIS WILL MAKE YOU THINK --- WATCH - William Cooper was was killed by the police via the Illuminati because he was a Christian speaking out against the NWO & evil elite. He told the truth! Osama Bin Laden doesn't even exist!!! He was a CIA agent paid to pretend to be Bin Laden. All the videos Bin Laden supposedly made were fake, it's all fake you have been lied to! 9-11 was an inside job!


This Journalist Died After Exposing Bowe Bergdahl's Anti-Americanism

The Color Code of Awareness: Developing a Combat Mindset....Used by soldiers and CIA agents alike, The Color Code of Awareness will help you see danger before it strikes and may just save your life.

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism Full Length Documentary DITRH Published on Aug 10, 2014 Everything we are taught or told about aids, cancer, vaccines, the war on drugs and who has our backs is mostly a complete LIE. A FANTASTIC must see documentary expose that will quite possibly save your life!

Ex-CIA Officer: ‘There Are ISIS Sleeper Cells In This Country’-- the USA

If I was a superhero or a CIA agent......this is what I would wear.