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Cilantro contains a compound that kills the salmonella bacteria. a compound in cilantro called dodecenal is nearly twice as effective at killing salmonella bacteria (commonly found in raw meats) as commercial antibiotics, and they isolated a dozen other antibiotic compounds that were also effective at killing other foodborne bacteria. Those same compounds were also found in coriander, the spice made from seeds of the cilantro plant.

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A better way to grow cilantro

Alternative Gardning: Continuous cilantro growing method


Grow Cilantro Indoors Give it space. Plant cilantro seeds in a container at least 8 in (20 cm) deep. It hates to be repotted. Use a pot with a drainage hole and well-drained potting mix to prevent overwatering, which can cause root rot. For the best flavor growing cilantro needs plenty of sun: a sunny spot on a windowsill WATER REGULARLY

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How To Grow Cilantro In Pots

Learn how to grow cilantro in a pot. Growing cilantro in containers is not difficult all you need is to follow a few tips and fulfill a few growing requirements.


Surprisingly, both cilantro and basil freeze very well. After cutting the leaves, preferably in the early morning while they are freshest, we mix them with a small amount of olive oil... just enough to coat the leaves. They are then packed into freezer bags and frozen for later use. The olive oil makes it really easy to separate the frozen leaves and also adds an extra flavor to the mix.


Growing your own cilantro can be a bit tricky, but with attention and care you'll be harvesting this wonderful herb and using it in your own cuisine. grow cilantro indoors, growing cilantro indoors, how to grow cilantro indoors

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Tips For Growing Cilantro

Cilantro has been found to suppress lead accumulation in rats, which gives promise for the use of cilantro to combat lead and other heavy metal toxicity. Because of its chelation abilities, cilantro is also being studied as a natural water purifier.

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How to Prune Cilantro

Pruning Cilantro! Pruning isn't necessary until you're ready to harvest, though removing the flowers can prolong the growing period for this annual herb. Cilantro grows best in cool weather in sunny spots and medium-moisture, freely draining soil.

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Anyone Can Grow Herbs With This Super-Helpful Chart

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