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The most basic form of ACC theory states that the ACC is involved with error detection.[4] Evidence has been derived from studies involving ...

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Anxious? Activate your anterior cingulate cortex with a little meditation

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anterior cingulate cortex is responsible for autonomic functions/control such as regulating blood pressure and heart rate AND rational cognitive funcitons. ACC is involved with early learning tasks. It has a lot of spindle cells. Stroop test activates the ACC.

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Why do some traumatized people get PTSD while others don't?

People with PTSD are shown to have 2 areas of the brain that are sensitive to STRESS SHRINK: the hippocampus,in the limbic system important for memory & the anterior cingulate cortex, part of the prefrontal cortex that is involved in reasoning & decision-making. A fMRI, which tracks blood flow in the brain, revealed that when people who have PTSD are reminded of the trauma, they tend to have an underactive prefrontal cortex & an overactive amygdala, which processes fear and emotion.