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Ceylon or Cassia? Cinnamon Benefits Not a Matter of Variety but FRESHNESS

Why arguments about cinnamon benefits based on variety are misleading and how to truly experience real cinnamon for yourself.


Can Cinnamon Benefit PCOS? Cinnamon. It’s not just for French Toast anymore. The common household spice has proven itself in the last few years, helping all sorts of medical conditions. Many people do not realize that cinnamon actually contains more antioxidants than the blueberry. Cinnamon is great for stabilizing blood sugar and also for reducing insulin resistance.

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14 Surprising Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that you may only associate with baking and desserts, but there are plenty of cinnamon benefits that make it a great spice to use everyday and as a dietary supplement. When using cinnamon as a supplement be sure to use organic cinnamon and not the conventional variety you...

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13 Health Benefits of Cinnamon & Nutrition Facts

7 Essential Cinnamon Benefits and Uses- So Worth the Read! It also gives additional info on 'Why' all cinnamons are NOT equal & what you should be using for the benefits..Check it out!

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Cinnamon's Health Benefits

cinnamon nutritional benefits | CINNAMON BENEFITS EXPLAINED ...antioxidants that create healthier arteries and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, cinnamon benefits include an energizing scent that has also been found to help increase alertness.