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Circle Around The Moon

Cycle of the moon during its approx 28 day revolution around earth. Great science / astronomy pin, The full moon = red, called BLOOD MOON on 8 Oct 2014... a previous one was the week before Easter (2014) and two more are coming in 2015. NASA (APOD) says that 4 blood moons in 365 day cycle is very unusual. RESEARCH #DdO:) - MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - Very nice UNIVERSE LIGHTS. Pin via Liu Prato.


03/27/13 Please pray for Angela regarding her job situation. She has been working two different transcription jobs. The hours for one of the jobs has been cut. The other contract is under review and might change in April. Please pray that she finds a great way to make up for any loss of income. She specifically requests prayer for a test she will be taking on March 28 for a potential employer. May she do very well on the test and not be nervous about it. I ask for God's grace and favor for…


ameenn: Eclipse drawing from “Fourteen Weeks in Descriptive Astronomy” by J. Dorman Steele, 1873 (Barnes and Co., NY). During this eclipse, Francis Baily noticed bright flashes of light from around the limb of the moon, later named ‘Baily’s Beads’ in his honor.

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Midsummer's Eve - 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle By Ravensburger

Fairies dancing happily around a toadstool under the full moon! Midsummer's Eve this picture

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Circle Call - Pagan Wiccan Print - Brigid Ashwood

Circle Call-Darksome Night and Shining Moon Hearken to Our Joyous Tune-North, East, South and West We Call Ye Forth To This Circle Blest-Earth and Air, Fire and Water, Come and Join Your Son and Daughter-Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart Make Sacred This Space a World Apart-Gentle Mother of Earth, Awesome Father of Sky, Join With Our Hearts-The Time Is Nigh-Great Spirit-Divine One-Creator of All-Answer Our Most Reverent Call-The Circle Is Cast-The Light Unbroken-So Mote It Be-Our Magick Is Spoken


log arch - Cover arch with soil and plant a white pine on top, while maintaining a hollow. After a decade or so, the white pine would have grown its roots into the ground and the roots that grew around the arch would be strong enough to be uncovered to create a root gate.