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Unit Circle Art! (The Secondary Classroom can be fun too.....)

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Third Grade / Special Education Math Anchor Chart: Intro to Fractions, Circle Model, Bar Model, Definition, Fraction Names

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Universal Colored Circle Icons Page 1 from

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10 Secret Trig Functions Your Math Teachers Never Taught You...(because they are from a pre-calculator world) A diagram with a unit circle and more trig functions than you can shake a stick at. (It's well known that you can shake a stick at a maximum of 8 trig functions.) The familiar sine, cosine, and tangent are in blue, red, and, well, tan, respectively. The versine is in green, and the exsecant is in pink. Excosecant and coversine are also in the image.

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Mindfulness Activity Cards for Developing Working Memory

Dr. Warren’s Mindfulness Activity Cards were created based on the current research on working memory, and they can be used in classrooms or therapeutic sessions to help enhance working memory capacity and build community. In addition, they can be used to teach authentic dialogue and develop emotional intelligence. They are ideal for individual sessions, circle groups, and classroom discussions.

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How Do You...Trigonometric Graphs

This is a series of six posts about how I approach topics in Pre-Cal. They represent a sample of what I get the most questions about which always seem to start "how do you..." Objective Students understand how values of the unit circle are periodic and are connected with the appearance of a sin and cos graph. Students understand the ideas of amplitude and period. Students understand that it is possible for an identical graph to be produced by a sin and cos function with appropriate…

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This should be the first thing shown in all trigonometry classes

I know this makes sense but I'm damned if I know why. When I come across stuff like this it makes want to learn more.

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