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Castagnera on Risk Management in Higher Education… and more: Sexual-Assault Webinars: October 30th and November...

Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Clark Hall is a Gadsden AL Attorney. As a former Circuit Court Judge, he's a well-experienced lawyer who'll fight for your legal case. Call (256) 826-1002.

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Civil Service Commission chairman writes letter to Sheriff: Criticism of city officials draws response

And Dems are shaking in their boots… The Democrats are laughing now, but their days are extremely numbered. In fact, once Neil Gorsuch gets confirmed in the Senate, this case will likely go to the Supreme Court, where the 9th Circuit has a VERY bad record. According to a study by the American Bar Association, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals gets struck down 80% of the time! Here’s more from the Daily Caller: “The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — which ruled Thursday against reinstating…

“Clark Rockefeller” picture ruling addresses copyrightable elements of news photographs - Lexology

Whitney Houston’s death was just ruled as accidental drowning as well as heart disease. “Heart disease”?? I think it was Cocaine in the first place, that lead to her demise, good old fashion classic Cocaine death case here, She never got over the drugs with and after Bobby Brown .. PS: Cocaine hardens arteries (that’s where the so called “heart” disease comes in).

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