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Circular Flow of Income in a Four Sector Economy

(31) Circular flow of income and expenditures | GDP and the circular flow of income and expenditures | GDP: Measuring national income | Macroeconomics | Khan Academy

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Economics: An Introduction to Economics

This PowerPoint is a comprehensive introduction the study of economics. It examines: • the 5 economic questions • what are resources • needs and wants • choice • the economic problem • opportunity cost • factors of production • the production process • circular flow of income • comparative economics • economic systems • famous economists • labor


The very simple economic model of the "Circular Flow of Income" most people refer to as a means of explaining why AUSTERITY is "okay" never includes a really clear view related to the impacts of Government injections, Taxes, Imports, Exports, Savings, etc... I like this model... hopefully it can help people who are not familiar with economics to get a visual on the cause and effects of an economy.