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How To Use Cloth Diapers On A Circumcised Baby

Please note: I know I am touching on a sensitive topic in the cloth diapering world, but I do ask that comments associated with this be respectful. I warmly welcome education on the pros and cons of circumcision, but nothing that may encourage a parent to feel guilty. I did a REALLY good job researching cloth diapers for my newborn. I did a great job building his stash under a limited budget. I stalked used diaper sites and found what I considered to be STEALS. [...]


If you’re having your baby boy circumcised, here are a few simple steps you can follow at home to make sure he's happy and healthy.


Supernanny Has Your Baby Care Tips

Host and mom of four, Jenni June, is back with useful information to care for your little guy after circumcision and to make things a little more comfortable for him, should this procedure be your choice.


How To Use Cloth Diapers On A Circumcised Baby

The usual care for a circumcised baby involves petroleum jelly, which isn't good to use on cloth diapers. Here's how to use them while your baby is healing!