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City Bus Times

I was recently back in NYC and entered the city via subway...when I got off the train and smelled the subway, I knew I was back in one of my favorite places! Anybody else like the smell of the NYC subway?

from Dances With Fat


Fair warning, if you couldn't tell from the title, today is a swearing ranty day.  PETA is up to their old tricks, using fatphobia to try to convince people to become vegan. This time it's with a p...


this sparked a feeling of independence, or love, of just going somewhere and taking a late bus or train home and, i don't know, it just makes me feel warm


Moment in time: Sept. 6, 1992 — When a moose hunter found Christopher McCandless’s body tucked into a sleeping bag on an old Fairbanks City bus, he weighed a scant 67 pounds. Off Alaska’s Stampede Trail, the 24-year-old from Virginia had been dead for more than two weeks, likely of starvation.


HISTORICAL/ BIOGRAPHICAL: Holden runs away from home feeling depressed and traped as he has no one to express the emotons he has deep inside him. The death of his brother brings strong emotions to Holden in where he can not cntrol himself and decides to run away to forget about everything thta is on his mind.