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Chandre! This is what you need for your truck! :)

Country Girl Quotes | country girl quotes - Cool Graphic

#countrygirls #shotguns I may be a city girl but it still applies.

country girl quotes | country girl ways #country girl quotes

Country Girl Problem #003 When you can hunt, fish, owns a jacked up truck, and you will get your hands dirty...but he still picks the city girl!!

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5" x 5.5" Sticker - Country Girls Grip & Ride

Country Girls ™ Grip & Ride 5" x 5" Sticker

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18 Signs You're Officially a City Girl

Whether you were born in a big city or you adopted one later, being labeled a city girl feels like a badge of honor. Even if it means you live in an apartment that's overpriced and tiny, at the end of the day, you wouldn't trade it for life in the burbs.